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Who is your senseur?

I am Paulus Jordanus (born 1980). Stars: Aquarius and Goat. In 2015 I've followed the Basic massage techniques course of the Belgian Wellness Academy and Massage of the Hobby Academy. In addition, the training Paramedic Entrepreneur of the National Trade Academy. As for spirituality and Reiki knowledge, I am completely self-taught.
After attending various massage courses and building massage experience, a subject that inspires me, fascinates and gives me energy, I've founded relaxation center Exo Energy and training center Exo Academy. The interest and the need for personal balance of people, let me show that massage is a blessing for body and mind again and again. Dream massage Tropicabana is a concept where inner peace is central.
Since June 18, 2015 I give massages in my own practice at home, where I would like to offer you one of the various massages.
Wait no longer and enjoy the pleasure which you deserve.


Important advance information.

My massages are no medical treatments. Nevertheless, the massage can actually have a healing effect on both body and mind. However, you should not be disappointed if it does not work for you at worst.
The masseur is not liable for any negative spiritual effect of the massage. The masseur is always liable if immediately after the massage physical injury occurs.
The masseur/masseuse is competent in his/her skills.
The masseur/masseuse is certificated.
Exo Energy pays the utmost attention to your pleasure during the massage treatment.


Route / directions


Reservation line: 0630 88 77 66 or
if unreachable 004 - 872 95 65 888

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